The way to achieve maximum comfort while respecting the environment

Zero Energy Consumption

The concept of zero energy consumption without sacrificing maximum comfort is the callenge of this villas. It consists of integrating nature and open spaces in a design and luxury home, with the objective of practically eliminating the environmental impact. This houses use renewable energy to supply all its needs, making it an energy self-sufficient villas. All these economic and environmental benefits do not detract from the aesthetics and luxury of the villas. To achieve this, a geothermal system with solar panels and battery accumulation generate enough energy to satisfy all the consumption of the house in one year, as well as 90,000 km of a Polestar 2-type car. 

Low Water Consumptions

The revolution of sustainable housing is consolidated in The Fifteen with the preservation of the most precious element: WATER. After achieving total energy efficiency in Altos de Valderrama with the first luxury villa with zero external energy consumption, we go further in the most distinguished area of Sotogrande, not only in terms of indigenous landscaping with low water impact, but with a combined system of water generation for domestic use, rainwater harvesting and reuse of grey water for irrigation.

GEOTHERMAL SYSTEM: Geothermal system use the relatively constant temperature of the earth as the exchange medium instead of the outside air temperature

PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM: Photovoltaic system is a special electrical system that produces energy from a renewable and inexhaustible source: the sun

BATTERY SYSTEM: Battery system is made up of electrochemical cells which generate electrical energy at a specified voltage

THERMAL INSULATION SYSTEM: Thermal insulation system reduces heat transfer between solid objects, fluids or gases by introducing a barrier between them

FIRST CLASS MATERIALS AND GOOD ORIENTATIONS: First class materials are those which are extremely good and of the highest quality